VIP Track Instruction at Guadix Circuit Spain

VIP Track Instruction at Guadix Circuit, Spain’ 

If you want to really test yourself and your car, then a VIP day with us at Guadix Circuit Spain is a must. Limited to a maximum of 18 cars, this understated event is perfect to find out exactly what you can do with your car on this highly challenging circuit.

Our next event is on Saturday 28 July 2018, so if you are free and your car is ready then get in contact with us now.
Situated in sight of the Sierra Nevada mountains, the circuit prides
itself on its privacy. Often used for discreet testing and photo shoots, the Guadix Circuit Spain is perfect for performance driving your supercar or single-seater track car.

Little known to the general public, the Guadix Circuit Spain is favoured by both motor manufacturers as well as Formula 1 champions. If you are looking to improve your overall track skills in your sports or supercar then this is the perfect day for you.

Mike Marot and the team can supply one to one private track instruction at this event, either by the hour or for the whole day. Demonstrating the lines and techniques, will improve your confidence, in a safe and controlled environment. Mike is an expert around every corner of the Guadix Circuit, which is often favoured by many motor manufacturers for testing and new car launches.

At these special VIP days we can offer track tuition in your own car, or one of our specially prepared track cars. However, whichever you choose we guarantee by the end of the day your knowledge and understanding will have dramatically improved, so you will be driving “smoother and faster”.

Kind regards Mike Marot and the Pro Driving Team

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