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We work with clients who have never been on track before, through to experienced performance drivers who want to start racing. We are flexible enough to deliver anything from a few hours coaching on track, to a whole coaching program that ends with you being competent and confident enough to go racing.

Level 1

Precision Driver Level

Precision Driver level is aimed at participants with little or no prior Circuit knowledge who want to begin their journey as a performance driver.

Level 2

Advanced Performance Driver

Advanced Performance level is designed for drivers with prior knowledge on track,  to learn how to find the optimum line.

Level 3

Master Performance Driver

Master Performance focuses the driver to become more independent as well as quicker, without the aid of cones or instructor.

Level 4

Performance Race Driver

Performance Race is designed for advanced sport performance drivers, who may wish to take a step towards motorsport.

At Marot Pro Driving we offer track tuition in your own car, or we can provide a car suitable for your needs. Whether you wish to improve your skills or confidence on track, spending quality time with Mike Marot or one of our motor sport professionals, is a great next step.

With bases in the UK and Spain, Mike and the team are available to instruct at tracks across Europe.

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