Our Top 6 Performance Driving Tips to prepare you for the track

Performance driving tips to keep you safe on track

There is nothing worse than being black flagged by a marshall on a race track. Everyone looks daggers at you because the session has been stopped, and it was your fault.

Bits hanging off your car, smoking brakes, and even something moving violently around inside your car, are just some of the reasons you will be blamed for stopping the session. The marshall’s are there to make sure everyone is safe on track, whether it is bad behaviour or simply a poorly prepared vehicle.

Our performance driving tips

We always like to share some top tips for getting more enjoyment out of driving your performance car. Here is our essential checklist to make sure your car is fit for purpose on track.

  1. Tyres – Only a tiny bit of rubber connects your car with the track when you are out on the circuit. It is essential that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure and also in good condition.
  2. Fluids – Ensure that all fluids are checked before going on track. This includes fuel…….you don’t want to miss the last part of the session because you ran out!
  3. Brakes & Pads – Obvious, but remember that you will be braking a lot harder than on the road so check your pads are up to it.
  4. External 360 – Walk round the outside of your car several times looking out for loose trim. You would not believe the number of wheel centres we find on track!
  5. Stowage – Empty your car as much as possible before heading to the circuit. Everything else must be securely fastened or stowed away to prevent dangerous distractions.
  6. Restraints – Give your seat belts or harness a thorough test. Never assume it can still do the job should the worst happen.

Making sure your vehicle is properly prepared to go out on track, means you will achieve so much more on track. You are there to get the most out of you and your vehicle, so don’t let a simple bit of preparation let you down.


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