MPD Gossip – The latest F1 Style Street Legal Hyper Car in 2016

Do we really need another Street Legal Hyper Car?

Mercedes AMG announced at this years 2016 Paris Motorshow, that they will be building a road going F1 engineered street legal hyper car to challenge Bugatti and Red Bull.

Designed to be a close rival for the Aston Martin ‘001’ Hyper car, the ‘R50’ Mercedes AMG is a collaboration between legendary F1 designer Adrian Newey and Red Bull Racing.

Mercedes AMG confirmed it is preparing this potentially street legal Hyper Car to be packed out with extreme F1 technology. The World Champions look to bring some of their ‘track brilliance’ to the road for AMG’s Golden Anniversary together with 10 New models by 2017. This would bring the total number of AMG derivatives to a staggering 48 models!

A Street-Legal F1 Racer with Two Seats?

For this type of car the target power output of 1300hp is no mean feat, no matter how it will be achieved. The 1.6 litre V6 hybrid developed for the Mercedes-Petronas F1 car delivers around 950hp. However those statistics are no good for this exciting new venture.

Sales bosses confirm the road car would use the entire drivetrain from the F1 car. In addition,  the engine would be developed in the U.K. although the project is ultimately being masterminded by AMG in Affalterbach.

As for whether we need another street legal Hyper Car, I say Yes! Projects like this bring cutting edge F1 technology closer to our day to day road cars, so what is there not to like about that!


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