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  • Level 3 – Master Performance Driver Coaching

As an already accomplished driver, the basics won’t need to be covered. Instead, you will focus on how to drive more independently, quickly enabling you to confidently find your way around the circuit, without the aid of cones or an instructor.

Training will also include identifying and following the racing line, whilst also discovering how this can be further developed.

In addition, a workshop covering both theoretical and practical aspects will teach you all you need to know about the chassis and tyres. This essential training will enable you to transfer the power of the car to the track, in the most efficient way.

An instructor experienced in racing will be available throughout and you will have plenty of time out on track to put what you have learnt into practice. One to one coaching on some laps will be available to continually improve your driving skills.

  • Safety and track protocol
  • Following the racing line quickly and independently.
  • Developing alternative racing lines
  • Individual laps with one to one coaching.
  • Driving style assessment with guided drives (follow instructor)
  • Influence of chassis & tyres on road going vehicles
  • Lapping with track analysis

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