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  • Level 2 – Advanced Performance Driver Coaching

In addition to theory sessions geared towards advanced performance driving and driver safety, you will learn how to familiarise yourself with the respective sequence of corners to find the optimum line.

Accurate and effective braking when entering a corner and avoiding unnecessary steering inputs, are primarily a question of practice. Therefore, repetitive lapping of the circuit will give you the opportunity to finely hone your skill over the entire distance.

These are intensive sessions aimed at further improving your command of the car, lap after lap. A dedicated instructor will be will be available throughout to monitor your driving and assess progress.
This program is available at either the Ascari Circuit, or Guadix Circuit, Andalusia, Southern Spain.

  • Safety and track protocol
  • Correct safety clothing
  • Steering and vision control
  • Advanced oversteer and understeer
  • Finding and following the racing line
  • Correct braking and gear selection
  • Minimising unwanted load-changing reactions
  • Driving style assessment with guided drives (follow instructor)
  • Lapping
  • Course duration: 2 days
  • Circuits: Ascari or Guadix
  • Car: Porsche GT4
  • Laps: 35 per pay depending on circuit used
  • Prior training: Precision Level 1 completed or proven track knowledge
  • Training outcomes: Further knowledge of driving dynamics and vehicle control at medium to high speeds.
  • Next level of training: Master Performance

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