5 Reasons why the Porsche GT4 could be the best car on track

So you want to drive smoother and faster

I get asked for my advice by a lot of performance car owners. Which car should I get next? Where should I take my car? What would you recommend that I do to make my car go faster? However, I only have one answer for all of these questions……and more.

Get a Porsche GT and get instruction

From a winding road to a testing circuit, Porsche GT cars are arguably the best performance car you can buy. Yes, there are other makes and models that love being on a fast circuit, but if you are really wanting to advance your performance driving on track, then a Porsche and a good instructor is what you really need.

The Porsche GT4 is one of the newest models to be added to the GT range and it’s already made it’s mark on track.

“I couldn’t find the car of my dreams, so I built it myself” – Ferdinand Porsche

Porsche GT4 on track – 5 good reasons why it’s so good

Over the last few years I’ve owned pretty much all of the Porsche range, most of which I’ve taken on track. I have driven, tested and instructed in many other supercars, but personally I always keep coming back to this iconic German brand.

When I was lucky enough to take ownership of a Porsche GT4, I was seriously impressed by it’s performance on and off the track. It has been hard to limit myself to just 5 reasons why the Porsche GT4 is a cut above other performance cars, but I have done my best!

Coaching Porsche GT4 Ascari Race Resort
Mike Marot coaching a client in the Porsche GT4 at the world famous Ascari Circuit
  • This is a fantastic car on track, but the Porsche GT4 is surprisingly easy to drive on the road. This means there is no need to buy a trailer to take the car from track to track. Unless you want to test the Clubsport version, the Porsche GT4 is perfect for a day on track followed by a leisurely drive home afterwards.
  • Porsche has always been recognised as being one of the most rewarding cars to drive on track. The Porsche GT4 on track certainly does not disappoint in this department, coaxing the driver to greater performance.
  • Porsche has an amazing racing heritage, with more Le Man wins than any other brand. With that kind of background it is no surprise that every car in the range is very capable on track.
  • Porsche cars have a very loyal following. The large community of Porsche enthusiasts are always on hand to support and encourage. Despite being relatively new to the Porsche range, the GT4 has quickly created its own legion of fans who all know and recognise its on track potential.
  • In my professional opinion, the Porsche GT4 is a great car to coach high performance drivers. The set-up on the Porsche GT4 and Clubsport are ideal to take a driver from any level of experience from novice through to race ready.

If you are lucky enough to have a Porsche GT then you already know what a special car it is. Taking it on track is one of the best places to experience how much more you can get from this iconic brand.

We coach Porsche enthusiasts throughout Europe, both in their own performance cars and race prepped Porsche GT’s that we have special access to. If you would like to know more about our Porsche Performance Programme here in Spain then contact us now for an informal discussion.

We look forward to helping you drive smoother and faster!


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