Future collectors need to check out the 05 Heritage Series from VUHL

July 2021 – VUHL the Mexican ultralightweight Supercar OEM has announced their limited run of five vehicles inspired by motorsports icons of the past, in the form of the 05RR Heritage Series. Here is what you need to know about these very special supercars.

  • Five numbered cars are made available Worldwide in Heritage Liveries. All with unique and distinctive details and not available for regular production vehicles.
  • A modern Interpretation of historical Racing liveries, these supercars will become a Collectors Item that is beautiful, iconic and entertaining around the Circuit.
  • Delivered during Q4 of 2021 – The Heritage Series marks the transition into a new production year for VUHL

A limited and numbered series of five vehicles based on the successful top-of-the-range 05RR is made available in five different liveries. All cars boast colours inspired by quintessential motorsports icons of the 60’s, 70’s and early 1980’s.

A Motorsports homage that will NOT be available again in the future for the 05 model.

While the technical specification remains unchanged when compared to the 05RR, the Heritage Series comes as standard with an array of subtle changes not available through the configurator for regular production vehicles – such as darkened housings for the front lights, hand painted side numerals, titanium exhaust system, glossy carbon finish on the wheels, and a Heritage Series commemorative plaque.

When seen from above, the painted pattern reads out “VUHL” over exposed carbon fibre, in a very modern interpretation of a racing livery while maintaining certain Historical elements to it, like the roundels with numerals identifying each car from 01 to 05. A central racing stripe in contrasting colours incorporates four VUHL partners in the form of Racing sponsors, all left in exposed carbon fibre.

Having recently set record breaking lap times in Spain, France and Mexico firmly establishing its performance capabilities, VUHL takes a step forward into the personalisation of each vehicle with the 05RR Heritage Series. 

Not only does it represent the performance capabilities of the 05 platform, it now becomes a serious collector’s item, one that is as beautiful and iconic as it is fun to push to its limits around any Racing Circuit.

The Heritage Series marks the end of the yearly production of their hand-built cars, celebrated at a private VUHL – only track day. 

The Five vehicles are set to be delivered to their lucky owners during the fourth quarter of 2021 at an iconic Racing Circuit in Mexico, they will then be shipped to their final destination.

Contact Mike for more information about how you might be able to get your hands on what we know will be highly desirable to automotive collectors.


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