Official Brand Ambassador for VUHL Automotive

With a strong Racing Heritage, VUHL Automotive is a forward thinking Mexican high performance supercar manufacturer. Passionate about building bespoke vehicles, the team delivers these special cars to customers Worldwide.

As official Brand Ambassador to VUHL Automotive, our goal is to support the introduction of this lightweight supercar further into Europe. Together, we are particularly focussed on Spain and Portugal.

Sharing the same passion for automotive engineering, the Marot Pro Driving team work very closely with the VUHL Factory. Did you know that the name VUHL stands for “Vehicles of Ultra-Lightweight and High Performance“?

The Concept

The VUHL is a road-legal, ultra lightweight supercar. Precision engineered for the race track, it is blessed with exhilarating performance.

The car’s provenance is truly international. With handling enhanced in the UK, the chassis production and final assembly of the VUHL are completed in Mexico.

VUHL Automotive Assembly Bay

The VUHL Factory

The ‘Bespoke’ and precision engineered Ultra Light weight Supercars are assembled in Formula 1 style production cells.

Located in Queretaro, Mexico, VUHL’s factory is ultra modern and clinically clean. Hand built by highly skilled technicians, every car is made to each customer’s personal specifications.

VUHL carbon fibre race seats
VUHL Carbon Fibre Body Work on ROC Edition
Vuhl Carbon Fibre Ultra lightweight wheels

Lightweight Construction

Using bespoke VUHL design and manufacturing technology, carbon fibre is extensively used throughout the production. As a result, the VUHL remains “Ultra” light in weight achieving maximum performance.

As specialists in coaching future race car drivers, we are excited at how our work as Brand Ambassador to VUHL Automotive will help maximise this amazing high performance car’s full potential.

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