Porsche GT4 Cartagena

Porsche GT4 fast lap Cartagena Circuit, Spain

Following on from my previous post where I demonstrated the lines at Circuito de Cartagena, here is the fast lap that followed.

The fast lap in my Porsche GT4 was driven at a Porsche Days Murcia track event at Circuito de Cartagena, June 2017. Instructing clients in their Porsches and driving my own brilliant car has got to be the perfect way to spend a summers evening! Read more

Talking through the lines on Cartagena Race Circuit

Demonstrating the lines at Circuito de Cartagena June 2017

How to take the lines at the Cartagena Circuit

I recently visited the Circuito de Cartagena, Murcia Spain as part of an excellent weekend with PDM. Every year the PDM club (Porsche Days Murcia) has one big weekend to celebrate everything about being a Porsche owner.

From driving on track to sharing the very best local cuisine, Porsche enthusiasts from Read more

Cayman 718S versus Audi TTRS

MPD Review – Porsche Cayman 718S versus Audi TTRS

Are the days when the number of cylinders that determine a cars performance, over?

Turbo charged engines is a phrase most purists hate. However, technology prevails and the fight is definitely on to see who can achieve “more for less”.

So let’s take a brief look at two new car rivals and what they can bring to the table.

Porsche Cayman 718S

Read more