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  • Level 4 – Performance Driver Race Skills

This is offered as two-day course for advanced sports performance drivers, who may wish to take a step towards motorsport. During the training days, drivers will receive specific instruction on the basic driving technology of Porsche race cars.

The first part of the program will concentrate on correct and effective braking – with and without ABS. Great attention will be paid to optimum, yet correctly proportioned acceleration out of corners, with and without traction control. You will also learn more about controlling and minimising load changes without PSM.

For the second part of the program you will move up to dynamics and the significant changes of using slicks. For the warm-up sessions, you are provided with the Porsche GT4 before progressing into the GT4 Club Sport. 

The programme includes identifying and following the racing line, precision braking and controlled acceleration out of a bend. Special attention is also given to safe overtaking manoeuvres and performing ‘standing and flying’ starts.

An instructor experienced in racing will be available throughout the course duration to provide additional one to one coaching. You will have plenty of time out on track to put what you have learnt into practice, and all your performance on circuit will be recorded.

  • Safety and track protocol
  • Theoretical basics of Porsche GT road and race cars
  • Introduction to driving with slicks
  • Advanced lapping with track analysis
  • Minimising unwanted load-changing reactions
  • The ideal line with race cars
  • Safe overtaking
  • Minimising unwanted load-changing reactions
  • Course duration: 2 days
  • Circuits: Ascari or Guadix
  • Car: Porsche GT4 & GT4 Club Sport (Slicks)
  • Laps: 40 per daydepending on circuit used
  • Prior training: Master Performance
  • Training outcomes: Changing from road to race car, with basics for entry into the world of motorsport.
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