Talking through the lines on Cartagena Race Circuit

Demonstrating the lines at Circuito de Cartagena June 2017

How to take the lines at the Cartagena Circuit

I recently visited the Circuito de Cartagena, Murcia Spain as part of an excellent weekend with PDM. Every year the PDM club (Porsche Days Murcia) has one big weekend to celebrate everything about being a Porsche owner.

From driving on track to sharing the very best local cuisine, Porsche enthusiasts from all over Spain come together to share their passion for this iconic brand.

This year we visited the local circuit at Cartagena for an evening of testing our Porsche cars on track. This is a super little track with lots of challenging and interesting sections. Perfect for my Porsche GT4!

Preparation is key!

During the out lap it is important to not only warm up the car and tyres, but remind yourself of the lines you need to take in preparation for enjoying your faster laps. In this video I am demonstrating the lines at Circuito de Cartagena that I take in order to achieve a smooth, but fast lap.

If you want to learn the best lines so you can drive smoother and faster on track, then contact us here!

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