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Living with the electric car, but are we ready?

The reality about driving green in 2019 The time is right to drive electric. The environment and global warming is high on the agenda. From governments to activists like Greta Thunberg, power companies to your local family run business wanting to do the right thing, most people around the world understand that we now have […]

Crazy myths about a track day experience

Excited about going on track? Taking part in a track day experience is a really good way of driving your performance car beyond the limits of a public road. However, driving on a race track for the very first time can be a nerve racking experience. What should you do to prepare? Will your car […]

Is the electric car era here for Ferrari?

The evidence that proves Ferrari has already gone electric Ferrari Hybrid engines will be offered on all new models from 2019! So is the Ferrari Electric Car firmly in the range? Over two years ago, Sergio Marchionne dubbed the notion of a Ferrari that can run without the aggressive growl of its 12-cylinder engines “obscene.” […]